SpeedSpray Metals

Representative of the most advanced metal spray process with the best in class metal to metal bond – LatticeLink 

How it's Accomplished

Fine metal particles are deposited at supersonic speeds using high pressure gas that flows through an engineered nozzle. As the metal particles impact the base metal, the grain structures of the two metals are disrupted. The grain structures then spontaneously reform and grow together– this produces LatticeLink. No melting occurs during any stage of the process and no heat affected zone is created. LatticeLink yields more of a metallurgical bond than a mechanical bond near 12ksi.  This level of adhesion adds structure and strength back into the part.  

Metal Cold Spray

Process Advantages

  • Deposit almost any metal type you want with the best in class bond strength - steels, stainless steels, aluminum, superalloys such as Inconel 625, and other exotic metal blends.
  • Low heat input with no “heat-affected zone”.
  • No real limit on deposit thickness – build up as little or as much as needed.
  • Compressive residual stresses in coating, rather than tensile.
  • Crack propagation can be nearly eliminated at the interface.
  • No oxide formation, alloy decomposition, or combustion product entrapment

System Advantages

  • User can spray with a hand held nozzle
  • Or use a robot to control the system to precisely spray the parts and build up as needed
  • Spray base metal or apply a metallic coating to a metal surface and still achieve an unmatched bond strength
  • Change out metal type in minutes


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