Base Metal Spray - Build Up

Complete geometric restoration of the base metal, machinable if desired.

  • Add base metal to a pipe that has significant wear on the outer diameter
  • Repair a metal part that is cost prohibitive to replace 
  • Add base metal to a part that is adjacent to sensitive electronics
  • Repair a metal part that can't be replaced timely
  • Patch pipes immediately and avoid costly plant shutdowns. 

Metal Blend Spray

Spray a blended metal to yield unique characteristics compared to the base metal

  • Add chromium carbide to 316 stainless spray to improve the wear resistance of a 316 stainless part that needs repaired (above, difficult to see bond line)

Shaft Repair

Don’t throw away the expensive hardened shaft after it has wear, repair it with LatticeLink. It is possible to spray material equally as hard as the shaft and machine it to proper diameter.

  • Is your shaft difficult to replace or cant be found on the market? Repair it with LatticeLink.

Metalic Coatings


Corrosion Protection - Spray inconel over steel to eliminate oxidization issues from heat 

Abrasion Resistance – spray titanium on stainless hydraulic lines to improve the wear resistance to chaffing.


Work can be accomplished by the job or systems can be sold to your specs. 

Oil and Gas Examples

  • Drill Bit Repair - Build up the cutter pockets that are damaged beyond normal repair or touch up blades without the normal heat cycle. We have heatless flame spray options too. 
  • Drilling Equipment - Add base metal or coatings to the OD of any equipment out of spec.
  • Patch up refinery pipes that spring a leak. Keep the refinery online while the new pipe is sourced.